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Why train Professional Intense Pulsed Light with us?

Our approach to training is quite distinctive and unique. On completion of our five day full training program you will be able to practice on your own. Most important though, you will be trained by an experienced IPL clinician who has performed thousands of procedures and still sees patients on a daily basis.

Shines & Shimmers uses a distinctive, unique approach to training. To make sure you take the most out of our training sessions we use the following aids during the program:

  • To boost your ability to absorb the maximum amount of information very special, patented sounds are softly played on the background during the training sessions. This cognitive-enhancement approach is based on integrating the left and right brain hemispheres through precise sound patterns which has been researched and used for over 50 years throughout the world NEW

  • To aid concentration and stamina a unique blend of pure organic essential oils is burned during the training NEW

  • To remove electro magnetic pollution from the equipment the training room is prepared for 24 hours prior to the sessions. Various means are used to get the room ready. All of the aids are completely natural and are based on the laws of nature and ayurvedic principles NEW

  • The above principles work in synergy with the oil blend used and will further enhance your learning aptitude and your capacity for retaining new information NEW

  • To ensure you receive the maximum benefits from our training package whenever more than two days of training is booked it is divided into two-three 1-2 day blocks NEW

  • Each training program is fully customized for your business requirements and employees needs. We take into consideration previous training and experience of your staff

  • To allow for different learning patterns and abilities and to maximize the effectiveness of each training session all group sessions have a limit of two people

  • Qualified, experienced operator and trainer who will TAYLOR a training package for your needs


  • Professional proven 4 page consultation form on a CD as well as on a hard copy

  • Incident record form on a CD as well as on a hard copy

  • Comprehensive patient consent form on a CD as well as on a hard copy

  • Full page of photosensitivity drugs (and herbal preparations) list on a CD as well as on a hard copy

  • After care instructions for EACH of the procedures on a CD as well as on a hard copy

  • Role Play – watch your trainer conduct a professional consultation (we do not know another company who offers this as everyone is trying to protect their “trade secrets”. We are more than happy to share ours!)

  • Training is conducted on site of your clinic/ beauty centre

  • On call clinical support/ follow-up (we do not know another company who offers this service)


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