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Women’s Health

Treating Hormonal Imbalance Naturally…

Natural remedies are highly effective at helping support and restore optimal hormonal balance & at enhancing fertility without interfering with a woman’s normal homeostatic processes.

By using the best of Eastern & Western medicine, we are able to formulate an effective & scientifically validated treatment plan that will help regulate & normalize any hormonal imbalances that may be having an adverse effect on your health & energy levels.

  • Diet: often overlooked, the importance of a healthy diet on your overall health & well being is paramount. We are what we eat!
  • Herbal Medicine: the range of herbs available to treat women’s hormonal issues is extensive and has been proven effective over 100’s of years of documented use.
  • Nutritional therapy: modern scientific studies have conclusively proven that deficiencies in specific vitamins & minerals are the cause or at least a contributing factor towards many adverse female hormonal conditions.

Pre-menstrual Tension & Cycle Disturbances

Weight gain, oedema, bloating, tender breasts, cramps & mood swings do not have to be part of your monthly cycle. Other imbalances such as excessive menstrual bleeding, irregular cycles, endometriosis, infertility, fibroids, etc. also respond positively to a combination of herbal & supplemental therapy.

Menopause & Hormone Replacement

This transition should be a relatively symptom free process and your menopausal years should reflect this. Hot flushes, anxiety, depression, vagueness, joint pain and low libido do not have to dominate your life. Appropriate naturopathic treatment can make all the difference and is a safe and credible alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Pre-conception & Pregnancy Care

You can make a difference to the physical, emotional and mental health of your baby. The long-term health of your baby as he or she grows from a tiny fertilized egg to a fully grown human depends on a constant supply of nutrients.

Proper nutrition is also vital for improving a woman’s fertility to help with conception, help prevent miscarriage and to create the right environment for a healthy full-term pregnancy and an easy trouble-free birth and breast-feeding experience.

Why use Preconception Health Care?

For the best health of a new baby, good nutrition supplementation begins prior to conception. This is because the mother’s egg takes approximately 100 days to mature before ovulation and the father’s sperm need about 116 days to form. During this time, both are very susceptible to damage. A period of 4 months for preconception health care enables sperm and egg to develop in a toxin-free and nutrient rich environment to enable optimum health for both.

How do supplements improve my fertility?

Fertility in both perspective parents can be greatly impaired by the effects of various toxins, such as chemicals, heavy metals and radiation, which can adversely affect the health of eggs and sperm. Good nutrition, especially with antioxidants and herbal remedies can help to detoxify the body. The treatment of disorders such as endometriosis, fibroids and low sperm count and quality and other conditions associated with infertility is also very effective

How do supplements benefit my baby?

During the first three months after conception, the mass of the embryo increases over 20 million times. This is the time when cells differentiate and organs are being formed. Sometimes nutrient deficiencies may be so great that the pregnancy cannot continue. In other cases, the deficiency is not so severe but may still be detrimental to the health of the child. This is the case in the disorder spina bifida, where levels of folic acid are inadequate. Conditions such as allergies, asthma, behavioural problems and infections are far less likely to occur in children when parents enter into conception with low toxicity levels and optimum nutrient status.

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