Cellulite Problem

Cellulite is a skin disease which causes lumps to form on your thighs or surrounding areas. It often has a lot of resemblance with cottage cheese. This is actually a skin trouble which makes your skin look like it has dimples.

Cellulite Facts

From skin anatomy we know that outermost layer of skin is referred as epidermis. Immediately under this is the dermis, which is richly filled with hair follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels, nerve receptors and connective tissue. The next layer of tissue is the first of three layers of subcutaneous fat.

skin anatomy

This uppermost layer of subcutaneous fat has been described as “standing fat-cell chambers” separated by connective tissue. From these fat-cell chambers, small projections of fat cells protrude into the dermis. This unevenness and irregularity of the subcutaneous fat gives skin the ‘bumpy’ appearance we call cellulite.

Don’t panic there are many women in the world who have this skin disease and do not worry, there are enough men in the world to who face this same problem too.


Cellulite is not a life endangering disease but it surely is one which may cause you a little inconvenience or shame.

Our clinic made cellulite treatments available for this disorder

meso slim

MesoSlim - Cellulite therapy

The cellulite therapy works on your body contours and stretch marks.


Pressure Therapy

Pressure Therapy helps stimulates blood and lymphatic system, re-absorption of liquids and return circulation. Shift stubborn fat deposits and cellulite. Firm and redefine areas that you were unable to fix through diet and exercise

bum facial

Reshaping Massage

Bum Facials – bum contouring, draw out impurities, help reshape skin.


Lipodissolve fat reduction

Series of micro injections administered by a doctor. The areas that respond best to Lipodissolve treatments are certain stubborn fat deposits that resist further reduction after following a good diet and exercise program. These injections modify body contours (Body Sculpting). Lipo Dissolve in Melbourne has also been shown to improve and smooth out the skin.

slimming coffee

Slimming coffee

Slimming coffee to assist with rapid weight loss


slimming body care

Body Contouring Home Care

Topical cellulite and body-firming products to the problem areas


body slindy

Skeyndor Anti-Cellulite Home Care

Check Skeyndor advanced skin care range for amazing anti-cellulite products.

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