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Massage your baby with us in MELBOURNE CHADSTONE

Your unborn baby’s sense of touch is the first of his five senses to develop. From about eight weeks baby starts to use touch to explore his surroundings and reassure himself, and at nine weeks he can bend his fingers around an object (such as his umbilical cord) in the palm of his hand. If something is rubbed on the sole of his foot, he will curl his toes or bend his hips and knees to move away from it.

Loving Link Between You and Baby

As the baby is gradually pushed down the birth canal he or she is receiving a stimulating massage to prepare him or her to adapt to the new environment. After babies have made their difficult journey into the world they need the constant reassurance of a loving touch. Massage creates a strong and loving link between mother, father and baby.

Touch is particularly important for premature babies and those in special care if bonding is to be established. Babies who are born by Caesarean section and thus are not massaged through the birth canal also require a great deal of touch. Fast-birth babies who can be traumatized and shocked by the speed of the delivery also need massage. It assists in the physiological and emotional development of the child. Evidence suggests that babies who receive regular massage are subject to far fewer health problems. They also feed and sleep much better than those who receive no massage

Baby Massage Benefits

A good oil massage soothes and calms a baby, helps them to relax and sleep better and makes them more alert during their waking hours. It is a good exercise and promotes motor activity and emotional security in a child besides, a healthy body and muscular development. It stimulates digestion and helps the baby pass gas.

Massage increases blood circulation in the infant body. It also helps in parent-child bonding. As soon as the child is born, the baby needs to spend quality time with his parents. Talking and smiling to him while massaging him keeps a child happy, making the baby, more secure and robust.

Studies have shown that premature babies when regularly massaged require minimum hospitalization. All newborns show healthy growth, more weight gain and thrive better if they are massaged well, regularly.

Here are some 4 tips on baby massage from Melbourne Chadstone clinic:

  • Make sure that the oil is suitable to use on a baby. Most massage oils - including those sold as 'baby massage oil' - tend to include a fragrance. Chances are that your baby will end up ingesting some oil, for instance by putting their massaged hands in their mouth, so you really want to make sure it is safe. A simple oil like pure almond or olive oil is best. Shines and Shimmers Melbourne Chadstone has almond oil in stock.
  • Consider getting an extra heater going in the room and close all doors and windows. Watch out for draughts, especially if the baby will be on the floor.
  • A comfortable surface - You need something soft, warm and well-cushioned for the baby to lie on. At the same time the surface needs to be able to cope with accidents - remember, your baby is going to be without a nappy! Something like a thick towel on top of one of those plastic-covered changing mats would be ideal.
  • Play some gentle instrumental music or put on an 'ambient music' video. Dimming the lights, or lighting a candle might also help, or even better try crystal salt lamp available in Melbourne Chadstone shop.

You can start to massage your baby from any age. We at our Melbourne Chadstone shop can build your confidence to massage your baby. Don’t rush, wait until you are comfortable handling your little one.

Observe how your baby massaged in Melbourne Chadstone clinic. Start off with small sessions and work up to longer times.