BUTT FACIAL - New fashion accessory

Who would think to associate butt with a facial???
Not until beauty spas in New York and LA came along and combined the two. This new exciting treatment with a difference was born ... Melbourne butt facials have arrived.

Treatment protocol

Butt Facial essentially consists of similar steps and techniques used on one’s face to improve the skin, draw out impurities, help reshape skin and generally treat an often neglected area.

Indulge your ASSet in a skin treatment that will rejuvenate and revive skin of your bottom.

Mentioned on Ellen Show

ellen show

Duration – 45-50 minutes
Regular Price - $129; Today - $99

Treatment Stages

  1. CLEANSING - Using Cleanser suitable for your skin type opening clogged pores and spots
  2. BUFFING & POLISHING - scrub away dead skin cells with unique thermal mineral spring salts
  3. MASK – applying rich mineral mud or pure sapphire or mint & blueberry mask on your butt to bring out impurities & feed your bottom’s skin much needed nutrients Butt
  4. MASSAGing - with a beautiful luxurious creamy holistic massage cream with bamboo extracts

Combine with MesoScience Body Treatments for better results

  • MesoScience CELLULITE – bum contouring. Shift stubborn fat deposits and cellulite.
  • MesoScience MESOSLIM – treating to improve bum circulation and fluid retention
  • MesoScience MESOFIRM - strengthens the skin’s elasticity on a bum and improving stretch marks.

Recommending at least two sessions for results that will last you.

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