We, at Shines & Shimmers understand that our clients face many challenges and the decision to make the first move does not always come easy to everyone. It can all be very personal and distressing at times. We pride ourselves on providing the level of service to be proud of. Our deep gratitude goes to all our wonderful clients for their kind words, support and referrals.

Thank you for trusting us with some of the most delicate issues a person can encounter.

We promise to always provide the highest standard of service and will strive to exceed your expectations every time you come to our clinics.

If you have a few minutes you can discover more about our unique concept and complete commitment.

What They Say

about S&S

"I have had many things done to my face over the years but this is the first time I experienced results like this after just one session. Even my husband commented that my skin looks supple and smoother, and the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth have softened. "

- Diana W - Brighton (42 years old)

client about S&S

"I was sceptical about this cellulite treatment at first, but only two sessions into the therapy my thighs and buttocks are already looking better and my spider veins look smaller and lighter. When I’m done with cellulite, I’ll do the bust lift treatment. "

- Veronica A - Caulfield (34 years old)

client about S&S

"Dear Julia, I am so grateful for your treatments. When I first came to Shines & Shimmers it was because I not only had hair issues, but was suffering low self esteem from my marital breakdown and needed to do something to improve myself. The treatments have been wonderful, I am so much more confident about my appearance. More importantly you are such a compassionate technician I really look forward to the times we have together. You made me feel normal about my appearance and very beautiful just for being there. You were kind and professional and quickly put me at ease. The money factor doesn’t even count for what I have gained. No more tweezers, every morning panicking in front of a mirror and scaring my skin with ingrown hairs. Soon I’ll be able to go camping for longer than a weekend! My treatments have been a sound investment and I am so happy to finally get rid of an issue that has plagued me since puberty! Thanks again… "

- Laura S – Box Hill (32 years old)

client about S&S

"I started at Shine and Shimmers about 6 months ago. I was getting sick and tired of having electrolyses done without any apparent results. I was lost and just wanted to get rid of the hair under my chin. I was sick of getting up in the morning and there always being new growth, even if I had electrolysis done once a week somehow I was never clear of it.

I saw the advertisement for Shine and Shimmers near my work. I had heard a little about the process but did not know what it was all about. Finally I booked an appointment and went to see Julia. Julia was very helpful in explaining to me what the treatment actually does and what the side effects could be. She didn't leave any stone unturned when it came to explaining the procedure or helping me to overcome my fears, especially when she told me I had to shave my chin. I think my chin actually fell to the ground. I couldn't think of anything worse.

Finally I agreed, I was hesitant at first, but agreed because she said that we would do a sample spot just to make sure Didn't have any side effects. The sample spot went well, no side effects at all. I thought there may off been considering that I was not as light as some women are.

So I booked my first appointment, shaved under my chin and went along. I continued with the shaving process after the treatment and wondered what the hell I had done, as I couldn't see any results. Never the less Julia rang me after a few days and asked me how I was doing. I explained my fears and again she reassured me that it was normal and the grow would slow down. She was correct, after the 3rd treatment, I started seeing results, I had not even noticed that I was no longer analyzing my Chin every morning, it had changed, I was lucky if I was giving it a second glance once a week.

Seeing these results I then began with my arms, yes it is a very expensive beauty treatment. But you feel so much better about yourself when you are no longer focusing on the areas of your body that you are unhappy with.

What I do now is save up my money and see Julia approx every 6 - 8 weeks, I have work done on many area's of my body and the results are really begining to show. Money well spent if it means you never have to pick up a wax pot or get electrolysis done again.

Thanks Julia for you support and guidance during the last 6 months "

- Donna B – St Kilda (36 years old)

client about S&S

"I cannot remember how I lived before I came to see you guys at Shines & Shimmers. My top lip looked like a guy’s moustache and my navel was surrounded by a forest. You fixed it! You fixed me! My confidence has improved and as a result my life in general became easier and so much more comfortable. I am so grateful for your wonderful attentive service. I am paying you the biggest compliment by sending you all of my friends… "

- Ella K – Toorak (44 years old)

client about S&S

"… I used to be scared to kiss someone – they would feel hairs on my face! I used to be scared to sit opposite a window – they would see hairs on my face. I used to be scared to forget tweezers – massive amounts of hairs would grow on my face! Not a day could go by without me spending literally hours tweezing in front of a mirror. I was depressed and had self-esteem issues. It has all changed last year when I found you. The amazing thing was it only took one go to start seeing the difference! Thank you for making my life trouble-free! I say time and time again I wish I came to you five years ago – I would have saved so much money on my shrink!! "

- Simone A – Phillip Island (29 years old)

client about S&S

"Anyone with the “hairy” problem will tell you to go around with a “male beard” and black skin on your chin area is very degrading for a young woman. I felt nervous and humiliated and miserable most of the time. For 4 months I have been researching the subject of hair removal and all the options available to sufferers. I made numerous calls and visits to different salons and day spas that offered Laser and IPL hair removal services but couldn’t find anyone I felt comfortable with. I felt most salons were treating me like a number and there was no individual approach in how they dealt with me. I heard from a friend that Shines & Shimmers opened up and decided to give you a call. I already knew a lot about the service and how it should work and all I really wanted to do was to test you. By this time I was already angry and disappointed. When I made my very first call to you I felt so at ease it surprised me.

I can now say my first consultation with your consultant Julia was truly an educational experience and I learnt a number of new things. I decided to start my treatment plan that week. Every step of the way I was given valuable information and support. One of the best parts is that everything that is done to me is accompanied by a detailed explanation and I love it! I only need to come for a top up treatment every now and again now and I am totally delighted with the results. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shines & Shimmers to anyone. Your service is extraordinary and is refreshingly personal. What you have done to my skin and to my self esteem is completely beyond measure… "

- Emily S – Caulfield North (56 years old)

client about S&S

"…I am a skeptic by nature and I guess I just didn’t believe I could get rid of hairs on my arms and chest. I was so fed up with waxing; I decided to try it anyway. I was astonished at the results and went on to get my back and buttocks done. (Legs are next on my list!) My girlfriend comes to see you too now. You have brilliant staff and your service made an enormous difference in our lives. And the results just speak for themselves!... "

- Christopher B – Mt Eliza (39 years old)

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