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These days, a facial can mean more than just deep cleansing and extraction.

Now there's Melbourne skin clinic menu of more involved clinical treatment options that boast and deliver a smoother, brighter face without cutting skin or requiring any recovery time whatsoever.


Best for: Winter-Spring season and has a strong anti-wrinkle and anti acne actions. Boosts collagen production and speeds up cellular renewal rate dramatically.

This super facial will also facilitate the repair of cellular damage cause by repeated exposure to ultraviolet light

    Based on:

  • blend of pure vitamins C, E, F;
  • pure form of Vitamin A (also known as the retinol or the anti-ageing king)

    Target: wrinkles, spots, acne and reduce the signs of ageing.


Best for: for all skin types, even most sensitive ones. Your face will feel velvety and look younger immediately.

    Based on

  • hyalaronic acid (a natural substance found in body which acts as a lubricant) has been dubbed the king of moisture. Lack of it in skin results in dry, papery, flaky look and uneven tone;
  • organic collagen is an added benefit

    Target to rehydrate your thirsty, dry skin and make it look plumper and smoother


Best for getting a quick glow and smoother skin

    Based on:

  • purest, most stable form of vitamin C your skin is bound to feel lighter and brighter;
  • soak up the goodness of live kiwi cells and will reward you by a better, smoother appearance, more even skin tone and smoother texture.

    Target facial redness, blemishes and pigmentation spots

During the facial treatment virtual needle mesotherapy machinery uses unique Cellular Delivery System to deliver high concentrations of key ingredients in the intermediate layers of skin.

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