It is not allowable by law to use the wording �PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL�. This is due to the fact that when treating an area not all hairs get treated as there could be a dormant hair next to the treatable hair.

The correct and lawful wording, which all Laser and IPL clinics are required to use is �PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION�. This describes the result accurately as a permanent reduction in hair growth is achieved with these treatments.

Why permanent hair reduction

Permanent hair reduction means that a number of follicles will be damaged to the extent that they will no longer produce hair. The majority of hair [on average 80-85%] will be removed upon completion of your treatment plan. A small percentage of hair follicles [on average 15-20%] may still be able to recover (after some months) and produce new hairs. Usually hairs produced by these follicles will be a lot finer and thinner, lighter and closer to the surface, and may take a lot longer to grow, sometimes up to 12 months. This will make it a lot easier for you to manage the fine, thin, slow-growing re-growth.

Maintenance treatments may be necessary every six to eighteen months, depending on part of body treated and any underlying health issues (eg. hormones). Upper part of body, facial area in particular, usually requires more frequent maintenance sessions where as lower part of the body eg legs can go without maintenance for years