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IPL Laser Hair Removal prices Melbourne

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular forms of removing unwanted hair in Melbourne due to advances in laser technology. After all laser hair removal treatments are completed permanent solution to your excessive hair problem. You need regular touch-up treatments annually or biannually to maintain results.

One of the biggest factors to have or not to have laser hair removal treatment is always the price. What else would there be not to love about it? It's virtually painless compare to other methods of hair removal, permanent, and saves you from a lot of unnecessary wasted time!

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Good news

laser hair removal treatment has never been more affordable than it is right now!

We have a lot people inquiring about how much laser treatment costs. But there is no straightforward answer to their questions; every person's hair removal needs are treated as unique, and treatments are priced on a case-by-case basis during ipl hair removal consultation.

Basic things affecting laser hair removal price Melbourne

Laser hair removal cost determined by four main factors.

  • where the hair will be removed that includes size of the area to be treated, density of hairs in the area, type and color of skin and hair
  • number of sessions it will take to perform the entire procedure
  • who is performing the procedure and specific laser hair clinic involved
  • type of laser hair reduction machinery used

Other cost factors

  • Risk involved to perform hair removal procedure eg dark skin. Not many laser clinics will take on such candidate
  • Geographic location and number of competitive laser clinic in the area

Laser hair removal pricing methods

Different laser clinics use a variety of methods to come up with the final bill for the laser hair removal procedure.

Most common are:

  1. Hair Removal Price by time spent for the procedure

    Clients who have previously undergone Electrolysis treatment must be familiar with this charging method. Not many laser clinic Melbourne used this method as it puts unnecessary pressure on both laser operator and client. It depends on operator skills, laser hair zapping equipment speed and overall amount of hair follicles in the hair removal area.

  2. Hair Removal Charge per laser pulse

    Laser hair removal works by firing a laser beam to damage hair follicles and each firing is a pulse. Each pulse lasts less than a second and can penetrate about a hundred hair follicles.

    More pulses will be required to remove more body hair. If person need hair removal from smaller area will be charged less than a patient with more hair to be removed. For this method laser clinics also introduce a minimum number of pulses to begin. This means if your hair removal needs requires fewer pulses than the minimum you will still be charged for that amount.

    Usually, the practice is quite fair and many patients are happy because they tend to go over the minimum, and anything over the minimum is charged a reasonable rate somewhere to the tune of one dollar per pulse. In repeat sessions when the hair grows back thinner, it is cost effective to go back for more treatment since less hair needs to be removed.

  3. Flat fee for each session or a series of sessions

    Most common method used is a flat fee for hair removal session or hair removal price per package. Price is determined by the specific area to be treated, regardless of the amount of hair need to be removed.

    For example reduction of hair with laser of bikini line hairs can be priced as a single treatment $100 or you can purchase a package deal of 6 laser hair removal sessions or 6 months of therapy for about 20% off coming down to $480.

Laser hair removal Melbourne cost

The table below provides a rough guide to the charge to treat specific body areas in our laser clinic.

Hair Removal Area Avg No of sessions Down time Avg price per treatment Discount per package
Underarm 6 sessions 15 min $150.00 $180.00
Bikini 8 sessions 30 min $200.00 $320.00
Face 4 sessions 30 min $250.00 $200.00
Upper lip 8 sessions 10 min $85.00 $136.00


If you closely analyse different pricing methods you’ll find that pay per package hair removal pricing works best for consumers with significant savings

Laser hair removal specials

Melbourne laser clinic is extremely competitive on hair removal treatments costs and other benefits for our valuable clients.

We continue with Half Price every Tuesday between 10am and 3pm for all treatments under $451

Our laser clinic runs specials and other promotions regularly

Simply book ahead!!

When you think about all the spa and at-home treatments you have paid for over the years, it really begins to add up.

With laser hair removal Melbourne, however, those costs will never again bother you, as you will have received safe, permanent treatment by an accredited clinician. 

At Shines and Shimmers Melbourne IPL clinic, we take great care and attention to provide what we feel is the most optimum service to fulfil all your needs for maximum hair reduction and permanent results.

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