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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Have you ever considered that serious illness has an emotional issue at its core? And if so, would you be interested in finding the key to unlocking the mystery of how to confidently find and resolve these issues and illnesses once and for all?


  1. Knowing what the issue is at the core of a particular illness
  2. Knowing how to effectively resolve an emotional issue or trauma strong enough to create a serious illness, once it is located

A little over thirty years ago German oncologist Dr Ryke Hamer’s son was accidentally shot and killed. Six months later Dr Hamer developed testicular cancer. He went looking for, and found, a correlating cause and effect between the two events (the diseased organ and the psyche, or emotion) using a scan of his own brain.

Over the following decades, and consulting over 30,000 brain scans, Dr Hamer found the connections between emotional events and serious illness, and mapped the brain, organ and psyche link for the entire body.

The result is a formidable reference guide to finding the original underlying emotional events behind a myriad of illnesses. Due to its complex nature, training is essential to be able to use these methods effectively.

Locating the emotion and approximate time of an event is only half the story.


NATASA COSSARA, clinical hypnotherapist, MIACT MAHA

hypnotherapist Melbourne

Natasa is one of a handful of therapists in the world who has been trained to do both, receiving extensive training in Austria and Australia.

Natasa is also qualified in a unique style of Clinical Hypnotherapy that enables her to work with a client’s inner knowing to respectfully, and effectively, find and resolve even the most well-hidden unconscious issues that effect illness.

The driving force behind Natasa’s passion: the loss of her mother to cancer.

“I only wish I had known all of what I know now before my mother passed of pancreatic cancer a number of years ago. I have no doubt that she would be alive, and well, today,” says Natasa.

As a result, Natasa’s life purpose has evolved to assist people resolve their issues and illnesses.

Enhances skin and muscle tone, and functions of all body systems. Particularly useful for circulation and microcirculation.

People have experienced this type of therapy While not every single case is successful in resolving an illness due to the complexity of the human condition, there has been a greater than normal percentage of people resolving their issues and illness through using this method.

However, Natasa and her colleagues have many examples of people who have effectively resolved their own serious illnesses, including:

  • A woman with Multiple Sclerosis, visiting from Scotland, who went home without it;
  • A woman with a thyroid that had completely ceased to function had medical specialists announce, five days after her session, that it was miraculously normal again;
  • A woman with a chronic stiff neck unable to move it without tremendous pain regaining full flexibility within hours of her session;
  • A girl who hadn’t spoken for six years after a trauma began to speak again.

Hypnotherapy Melbourne Cost

COST INVESTMENT: the price range is $120-$180per session

TIME INVESTMENT: sessions go for 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours

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