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Guidance girl. She just knows stuff

Q. Am I psychic? Am I clairvoyant? Am I a medium?
A. I use my intuition, I just know stuff.

A highly motivated and success driven individual, Ali’s natural leadership abilities and positive energy infuse passion into the people and projects she embraces.

Having held senior positions over the past 10 years in marketing, management, business development & strategic planning.

Ali now runs her own business as an Intuitive Consultant, consulting to individuals and companies on vision, goals, alignment, development, leadership and growth for their future success.

Self discovery & personal growth – we harness it!

Facilitators of change, we challenge perceptions based on who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

We live consciously; aware of intent and the role we play as the creator to live the life we want.

One of the first tools we cover together in as session is recognition and awareness. I share with you a poem of love and discovery.


Today I put my heart out in the cold
I exposed it, I have let it be what it is what it needs to be

It feels, it hurts; it’s alive with passion
Pain and love, all emotions, what a powerful object, part of me

Today my heart became my friend

I’m sorry for ignoring you and not being true
I’m sorry for not allowing you the freedom to be yourself

It’s wonderful to know you and not fear you
you are amazing, and I feel a closeness with you

I trust you heart and I walk with you in truth
I don’t hide from you and your feelings, nor push them away

I will listen to you with love, and shelter you from harm instinctively
I’m your protector your keeper, I cherish you

I open you with honesty, with truth and compassion
I will allow you to know, feel and be loved

Oh mighty heart we beat as one again

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