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Intuitive Consulting

A one on one intuitive consult guides you to direct your own life with passion, confidence and clarity.

Connect with yourself for knowledge, purpose and insight to empower and clear the obstacles on your path to success.

Ali’s intuitive skills provide clients a connection with their mind, body and soul for empowerment, healing and self realisation.

Intuitive Consultant Guides YOU:

  • Re-awaken your inner drive and live with passion
  • Shift mind sets and form positive action
  • Set your sights high and achieve your dreams
  • Live in the present with awareness of happiness & calm
  • Achieve your personal and business goals
  • Improve relationships and put the fun back into home life

Business Intuitive Provides:

  • Fresh insights, strategy and sales
  • Re-invigorate your business or brand
  • Team alignment and focus
  • Facilitator of creative change
  • Consulting and coaching with integrity
  • Lift employee morale and improve your bottom line

Hour consult, half day and training session

10 reasons Why YOU Benefit from Intuitive consultation in Melbourne

  1. Get information that confirms YOU already sense, feel and have a hunch about or intuits.
  2. Obtain a safe harbour in which to think aloud, with ability to verify or release YOUR fears and concerns
  3. Review YOUR past, present, and future trends, decisions, goals, and/or actions.
  4. Finally find YOUR mental resolution or peace of mind.
  5. Get Consultant intuitive information to improve interpersonal relationships with YOUR customers, employees, and stockholders.
  6. Get assurance that the services of intuitive consultant are beyond personal ego.
  7. Obtain information which is objective and discerning, absent of judgment or fear.
  8. An opportunity to view people as people, as a whole and not in a "role".
  9. Get the right thinking, the right energy, the right motivations, and the right action versus co-dependence or being subjected to other people's attempts to control or to manipulate.
  10. Guidance on how to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

The approach

The intuitive consultant's entire method centers upon the "whole picture". During a business engagement, the our Melbourne based spiritual consultant can detect the personal dimensions of the individual, as well as their function within the company, their interaction among peers, employees, regional offices, competitors, community, government, and environment.

The Intuitive consultant can detect areas that are presently closed, blocked, or resistant to change and make suggestions as to how to gently implement change to keep the organization in an "open, living, system" mode.

Our consultant Ali naturally encourages YOU to take responsibility in the creation of one's environment, personally and communally.

Melbourne clinic intuitive consultant will help guide YOUR business to view the light as well as the dark or shadow aspect.

Our intuitive new age consultant may bring to light previously unrecognized shadow areas at a personal level or with YOUR company and may include such issues as greed and selfishness, misuse of power, unscrupulous control and manipulation, and unbalanced desire for material possessions versus the welfare of the employees and the community.

The whole process ensures integrity and honour. Transformation and success are guaranteed due to YOUR consistency, clearly-defined intentions, and appropriate right action.

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