Anti Cellulite Treatment

Ionithermie works by using two kinds of electrical stimuli, algae, conductive clay and Les Complexes Biotechniques product range

It is the only treatment on the market to incorporate all of these elements to maximize the results on cellulite. All products occur naturally and are dermotologically tested (animal free).

Ionithermie is the only cosmeceutical treatment to detoxify the body at the cellular level. It was invented over 25 years ago by a French biochemist.

Procedure Name Ionithermie
Clinical Outcome Fat tissue breakdown, body toning and sculpting
Treatment Price Special price: $250 PLUS FREE PRESOR save $85
Alternative Options/ Additional products Virtual MesoTherapy MesoScience


Ionithermie involves the use of a hand-held device, which transmits two gentle forms of low-level electrical stimuli through conductive clay. It has been proven to:

  • Detoxify the extra-cellular matrix through a process biochemists term "electrophoresis", in which low-level electro-currents or electro-stimulators carry positively and negatively charged particles through a substance. ionithermie treatment
  • Introduce all-natural products into the fatty tissue layers of the skin, resulting in "lipolysis" and fat tissue breakdown
  • Cause gentle electro-stimulation to the underlying muscles in the area being treated to help tone and sculpt the area
  • Increase the amount of capillaries in the skin, increasing circulation, resulting in better health

Salon treatments combine active ingredients with a conductive thermal clay & algae mask while two gentle stimuli are introduced. For 30 minutes a gentle muscle-stimulating current is sent through the mask that acts as a conductor to firm and lift the skin making the treatment as effective as a workout at the gym, without the effort

Results are visible after just one session – the contours of your silhouette are sleeker, your skin is smoother, firmer, tighter and the appearance of cellulite is reduced. Your centimeter results are recorded at several points during your treatment course so you can track your progress.

What part do toxins play in cellulite formation?

Recent medical studies have shown that cellulite and its so called "orange peel" texture are caused by the following factors:

  1. The accumulation of toxins in the spaces between the skin's cells creating extra-cellular matrix. Why? Due to pH changes toxins are made in the skin's connective tissue.
  2. A decrease in microcirculation in the capillaries of the skin, which help remove the toxins and by-products of the cells' metabolic processes.
  3. An increase in fluid held in the adipose (fat) tissue.
  4. An increase in the number and size of the flat cells.
  5. An increase in the thickness of the fibrous "bands" anchored to the skin through the adipose tissue. These can be thought of as being like the buttons on a mattress or a soft cushion, where the thread anchoring the button through the fabric causes an indentation below the surface - but the remainder of the surface is raised.

Ionithermie has a range of treatments available to focus on your trouble spots whether you are aiming towards a special event or day or just want to look great.

Goes By Body Area Good For
Cellulite Buster & Butt Lifter Thighs, Hips, Bottom Ultimate detoxifier. Lift, firm and tone the bottom, lose centimetres and reduce cellulite.

This treatment is a favourite among the celebs and definitely great before hitting the beach

Tummy Trim Stomach, Abdomen This intensive treatment targets soft fat and loss of tone around the tummy making it tighter, more sculpted and flatter, allowing you to look great in your fitted tops
Hip and Thigh Sculpture Hips, Thigh Our most popular treatment, the hip and thigh sculpture targets the key trouble spots for cellulite. Your skinny jeans will feel looser with instant results for slimmer hips and smoother, sleek thighs.
Love Handles Midriff, Stomach, Lower Back This intensive treatment targets excess fat around the midriff and is ideal for both men and women. The hard-to-hit area becomes tighter, toned and sculpted. Popular with athletes, this treatment is excellent for improving mobility and alleviating muscular tension in the lower back
Tummy Tuck & Bottom Lifter Stomach, Hips, Bottom Feel like a Hollywood ‘A lister’ with our Tummy Tuck and Bottom Lifter. This treatment detoxifies and reduces excess fluid (not only water) while firming and toning your tummy and bottom.
Arm and Tummy Trim Stomach, Arms You can forget pumping iron – our Arm and Tummy Trim effortlessly tones your upper arms! Providing instant results for firmer, more toned triceps and tighter abdominal muscles for a flatter stomach without having to go the gym!



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