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QUESTIONS to ask at my IPL hair removal  consultation

These simple questions serve a couple of purposes. Firstly, they are for your record keeping. Secondly, you'll know exactly the length of time the consultant from a particular company spent with you trying to get your business.

Consultation should take a MINIMUM of 30 minutes.

Here is a list of questions you should ask all IPL clinician at the initial consultation. Keep all records short and clean so that you can easily compare the sheets and answers later. Print out the PDF version on this questionnaire which has none of these comments on it and is suitable for immediate use.


IPL machine

1. Name of person providing information.

2. Name of person who will be providing the actual service.
This one is important! Is your initial consultation and explanation of all processes done by the same person performing the actual treatment?

3. How many procedures have they personally performed in the last 12 months?
One of the biggest mistakes is to assume that if a therapist had 4 years of experience he/she is automatically more competent than someone who only had 12 months of hands on experience. Many salons invested in a Laser/IPL machine only to perform a treatment or two per week. This one is simple math! Someone who did 25 hours of hands-on work for 12 months (1300hrs over 12 months) certainly has more knowledge and skill than someone who did an hour a week for 4 years (208hrs over 4 years).

4. How many devices have they personally worked with/tried?

5. Education, Background, Professional Association affiliations.
Find out as much as possible about the therapist. What industry is their original background? How, why and when they became involved in the IPL industry? Have they done any medical studies? Do they hold a current membership with any professional associations? This will tell you how serious they really are about what they?re doing. If a therapist worked with more than one device it?s always better.

6. Does my IPL therapist change from time to time (Yes/ No).
You don't want to change the person who performs your treatments. You will feel more comfortable if the same person serviced you every time you came in for your session, particularly if you are having private areas done. Not only that! Therapist gets used to your skin and will have a "feel" for it after a session or two and this makes your treatments safer.

7. Do you have clinical papers on your device for me to view NOW (Yes/ No).
Many salons and clinics will tell you about clinical and white papers for the type of device they use. But are these clinical papers available for your immediate viewing? They should be!


IPL Machine2

1. Percentage of clients he/she treated with my skin/hair type.

2. How many treatments needed for part of body I am interested in treating.

3. Why this number of treatments is required?
You will feel a lot more comfortable with the therapist if you have answers to these questions.

4. What are your pain management strategies?
Various devices have different in-built cooling systems.
These can sometimes be used to market a particular device over another. Unfortunately, even the newest, most sophisticated coolers/chillers/devices cannot provide a sensation-free treatment. It's just not possible! You are the client - the most important person to the clinic. Ask this question to find out how far is this clinic prepared to go to make the treatment as comfortable for you as possible?

6. How do you reduce incidents of side-effects.
Side-effects can be an unwelcome occurrence with Laser and IPL treatments. You really want to ask this question, especially if you have olive or dark skin! The darker the skin the higher the chance of an unpleasant side-effect!



1. Describe your pricing policy, including purchases of multiple sessions.
By asking this question you'll find out exactly how you are being rewarded if you decide to commit to this particular clinic. The reward should be worth it!

2. If I buy several sessions upfront how long do I have to use them up.
Many clinics will have a time limit within which you need to use up all your pre-purchased sessions. Usually this time limit is 12 months. This might not be suitable for you, particularly if you are a thinking of moving interstate or overseas temporarily or if you are planning a pregnancy. There must be enough flexibility to allow for all scenarios.

3. Do you have any laser hair removal specials (Yes/No)
This one is obvious of course. You want to take advantage of any specials and you want them mentioned at your consultation!

4. Do you have a try-before-you-buy policy (Yes/ No)

5. Do you have 24hr customer support services (Yes/ No)
These two are probably unique to Shines & Shimmers as I never heard anyone else offering this kind of service. Ask anyway, just for comparison!


REMEMBER: Only go ahead and book for a treatment if you feel COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with the clinician and ALL YOUR QUESTIONS were ANSWERED!

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