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IPL machines variety – VIPL vs IPL vs SIPL vs laser

Know the facts. Some clinics creating myths about laser, IPL and benefits one over another

Make right and safe decision who you want to be treated by.

Laser vs IPL hair removal

Common knowledge facts:

  • Laser is mono-chromatic. It has one specific wavelength. It’s good at what it does but can do only one specific job.
  • IPL is poly-chromatic. It emits light across a broad range of wavelengths. Each is preferentially absorbed by the appropriate structure in the skin, making IPL a versatile device capable to treat several hair and skin conditions

Both, IPL and laser use the same principle of “selective photo thermolysis” where heat that targets a specific constituent such as Melanin, Oxyhemoglobin, P. Acne bacteria and Water. Different wavelengths of light deliver light to a different depth in the skin and targets a different chromophore in it.

How IPL hair removal machines vary?

Not all IPL machines are alike. There are many machines coming out of some specific countries that are very reasonably priced (from only $1000 to $25000) and are attractive for beauty salons and day spas that are more focused on cost savings than service and quality of delivery of treatments.

You get what you pay for does apply in this instance.

Different pulsed lights and laser systems come in variety of:

  1. Wavelength. Wavelengths between approximately 700 and 1000 nanometers (nm) are appropriate for targeting melanin in the hair shaft. Ruby lasers operate at 694 nm, alexandrite lasers at 755 nm, diode lasers at 800 nm and Nd:YAG lasers at 1064 nm. IPL machines wavelength covers all range from 700 – 1000 nm
  2. Energy output level in J/cm2. Obviously, lower energy devices will not be able to achieve enough heat in the target to effectively destroy it. Higher energy delivery is also required for pigmentation and vascular conditions
  3. Pulse width. To cause the damage to the hair follicles pulse width must be equal to or shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the target. Therefore, to damage different size follicles the light source must have a range of pulse widths. Changing pulse width means changing the output of energy is the benefit of SIPL Super Intense Pulsed Light devices.
  4. Number of pulses of light in one shot, pulse shape. This parameter is very important to get correct depth of penetration and provide safety treatments for all skin types. The benefit of VPL Variable Pulsed Light that is used at Shines and Shimmers is the ability to change the power, the number of pulses, the length of each pulse, and most importantly the delay between the pulses. This means any skin colour can be treated, including very dark skin types.
  5. Temperature controls and simultaneous cooling. Only high quality devices are able to keep the temperature under control for prolonged period of time. This means no stopping in the middle of a treatment (like so many machines do) to cool heads and power generator inside the device.
  6. Energy delivery wave. Delivery smooth continuous wave, or in wave with spikes. Delivery of energy in a multi pulse significantly reduces risks of burns as it allows thermal relaxation time for the skin.

How we guarantee energy level for ipl hair removal

Other important factors for successful treatments that guarantee energy levels emitted are at the correct levels.

  • Twice a year machine calibration and service of the device guarantees safe treatments
  • Software upgrades will ensure there are no energy spikes (to minimise risks of burns)
  • Monthly hand piece maintenance and check ups make certain the energy output is constant for effective treatments

IPL hair removal protocols

Effectiveness and safety of your sessions are the most important aspects of your treatments. TGA approval of IPL machines and the lack of training for some operators using these devices put many clients in jeopardy.

The true art though lays in finding that fine line between the most effective treatment parameter and the safest one. Shines and Shimmers follows a unique set of self developed protocols which are proven to work, every time.

Whether your unwanted hair is on your face or your arms or legs or anywhere else on your body, Shines and Shimmers is here to help.

Our most popular treatment areas are:

  • Face including upper lip, chin, cheeks
  • Underarms
  • Bikini or brazilian
  • Lower Legs
  • Man backs, shoulders and chests
  • Snail trails

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