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Lymphatic massage is a massage technique that is designed to stimulate the lymph’s circulation in order to speed up the removal of waste from the body

Lymphatic system facts

The Lymphatic massage therapy focuses on the body’s own lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for regulation of the immune system and for fluid and waste removal.

So how does our lymphatic system become blocked and clogged? The lymphatic system has no connection to the heart. During periods of tiredness or illnesses it can become sluggish and an excess of waste material can remain at different sites in the body.

With lymph massage, the system gets a wake-up call through gentle and slow movements. Presor Massage Therapy creates pressure that is gently and rhythmically is applied on the skin in the direction of lymph flow. It can often make you feel as if nothing is happening, especially for those who are used to deep bodywork. But it's exactly that non-invasive quality of lymph massage that makes it work for your body.

Presor lymphatic massage

This unique massage therapy is finally available in Melbourne. Chadstone Laser, Skin & Wellness Clinic is one of the places that utilised rare Presor massage therapy.

Most of the lymphatic vessels are just below the skin and are stimulated by little pressure. Light, slow pressure mimics the pulse and rhythm of the lymphatic system itself and gets the vessels to respond the way they should. Presor Massage Therapy slightly moves the skin in the direction of the lymphatic flow to encourage the drainage of fluid and waste.

The great thing about lymphatic drainage is that once excess waste has been drained and expelled from the body, it leaves more room for oxygenated blood, white blood cells and healing repair mechanisms to carry out their daily job.

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