Minerelle Mineral makeup

Since mineral makeup contains a higher percentage of zinc oxide than traditional makeup, it can be useful in calming irritated skin

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup comprises only crushed minerals, like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxides. Mineral makeup is said to not only give a radiant finish but enhance the health of the skin.

It is anti-inflammatory, provides complete coverage and broad-spectrum sun protection. It's water resistant and is safe to use on acne, rosacea and post-operatively after laser and microdermabrasion.

Minerelle Mineral Makeup is a totally new concept in make-up most people use.

minerelle mineral makeup

It’s made from natural minerals and pigments and is not loaded with harmful chemicals, toxins, fragrances, petrochemicals, carcinogens or fillers.

Minerelle is suitable for all ages and all skin types. It is gentle enough to use on skin which suffers from acne or pimples, allergies, rosacea or redness following cosmetic treatments.

The range has been created and made with Australia climate, skin tones and colours in mind.

What are the benefits of using Minerelle Mineral Make Up?

  1. Covers Skin Conditions.
    Minerelle colours have been created so that they neutralize any redness caused by acne, pimples, rosacea, sun damage and redness following cosmetic treatments. Minerelle evens out the skin tone and gives the face a healthy bloom.
  2. Great on Acne & Pimples. Minerelle powders will not clog your pores and your skin can breathe and function normally. You can wear Minerelle every day, knowing that it will take away the redness of blemishes and won’t clog your skin in any way.
  3. Does not Clog or Harm the Skin
    Minerelle powders sit on the surface of the skin and does not block the pores with petrochemicals, oils or unnecessary fillers such as talc.
  4. Virtually No Allergy Risk.
    No toxins, Fillers or Fragrances.
  5. Anti Ageing Minerelle powders sit on the surface of the skin and do not ‘fill up’ lines and wrinkles. The light reflecting properties of minerals give a soft focus to fine lines.
  6. Weightless Minerelle powders are weightless so you will be unaware that you are wearing make-up.
  7. Not Tested on Animals and Environmentally Friendly
    Minerelle is not tested on any animals whatsoever. As the minerals and pigments are natural, they will not cause any harm to the environment.

The Minerelle powders include the Foundation Powders, Blush and Eye Colours.

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What They Say

S&S testimonial

"Mineral makeup is great for my sensitive skin. I also see that my breakouts and acne reduced to bear minimum "

- Lena, Nunawading (20 years old)

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