Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne Facts

To insure less trauma and injury to the skin and a shorter recovery time we only use state of the art products and technology.

Your health is of utmost importance to us. We take steps to insure your comfort and safety before undergoing any procedure. We follow strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines in accordance local Stonnington council

So many times we find ourselves in situations when you need to get ready for a date or a meeting in just 5 or 10 minutes.

What do you do?

Apply layers and layers of mascara and paint, and then one smudge and you need to start again. This is when permanent cosmetic makeup can step in and enhance the lives of the women in Melbourne

What is permanent makeup?

permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is the placement of a natural pigment (solid particles of color) below the skin to create the impression of cosmetics. The pigment is placed in the skin with a needle. In principle permanent makeup is a tattoo, with a primary aim to harmonize your facial features and skin tones.


How dangerous is permanent tattoo?

Placing pigment of color under the dermal layer of skin is considered to be risky and daring by many people. In reality though, the procedure is not dangerous; however you do have to ensure that you have a certified technician that is working on you. That way, you can make sure that everything is under control and trust your skin to someone who knows what to do with it

How painful is the procedure?

Pain is quite common however it all depends on your threshold of pain. If you have a very high tolerance, you may feel very little, just some discomfort, however if you have a lot tolerance, it may be a little more than just some discomfort. It all just depends. Local anaesthetic is applied before the procedure and is reapplied throughout the whole treatment to ensure your comfort

Is it worth to have the procedure done?

Permanent makeup is absolutely worth it for most of us. You will save a ton of time, money and will look incredibly beautiful all of the time without having to apply makeup.

Cosmetic Tattoo Price Guide

  • Eye Line approx $350 (each top or bottom line)
  • Lip Line approx $400
  • Lip Blend approx $500
  • Eyebrows approx $400
  • Retouch (each eyeliner, eyebrow, lip blend, lip line) approx $250

Other interesting facts

permanent makeup
  • Get the technician to apply regular makeup to your face just how you like it first. Pay close attention to your liner and brows making sure it is straight and even
  • Any type of tattoo will fade more rapidly with sun exposure
  • It is commonly believed that the original root word of “tattoo” comes from the Tongan or the Tahitian word tatau, meaning to mark or strike twice
  • It could take about a week to heal, you might be red and swollen for a day or so, so plan your appointments accordingly
  • You cannot wear any regular make up over the tattooed area for a week after the procedure

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