Neck /Face Area – Hair Removal Price Guide Special Price
Upper Lip or Chin $85 to $165
Upper Lip and Chin $125 to $165
Sides of Face $125 to $165  
Full Face (F or M) (lip / chin / sides / neck) $230 to $295 $199
Front or Back on Neck (F or M)   $130 to $150

Full face hair removal $199

Upper Body Area – Hair Removal Price Guide
Breast (areole area) $85 to $115
Chest - Male (excl abdomen)  $390 to $400
Abdomen - Female $85 to $145
Under Arms $145 to $215
Back - Male (to incl shoulders add $25) $550 to $695
Lower Body Area – Hair Removal Price Guide
Bikini $220 to $280
Brazilian XXX $250 to $330
Upper Legs (incl bikini) OR Lower Legs (incl knees, toes) $450 to $520
Full Legs (incl bikini, knees, toes, feet) $790 to $990




Full face OR Neck OR Shoulders from $250 $199
Cheeks OR Nose OR Hands from $150

Full face hair removal $199

Full Face AND Neck from $350
Chest OR Upper Back from $300


No Needle MesoTherapy - Electroporation

  Regular Price Special
MesoFirm | MesoSlim | MesoFiller | MesoLift | MesoBright | BrestLift $199 $179



permanent make-up

  • Eye Line approx $350 (each top or bottom line)
  • Lip Line approx $400
  • Lip Blend approx $500
  • Eyebrows approx $400
  • Retouch (each eyeliner, eyebrow, lip blend, lip line) approx $250


The latest breakthrough in aesthetic medicine reduces fat and cellulite and sculpts the body. It uses microinjections into the middle layer of skin. Solution usually made up of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, plant extracts, anesthetics, medications and amino acids.

sclerotherapy of spider veins and capillaries*

Sclerotherapy is used to remove spider veins and large capillaries. Repeated injections are administered into the veins. This irritates the vein lining, causing a small, inconsequential clot in the vein. With the blood flow stopped, the vein will dry up and eventually disappear.

anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers*

Anti-Wrinkle injections have been used effectively in aesthetic and general medicine for decades and has been proven to do wonders not just for wrinkles and creases but also for the self-esteem of the client with fantastic results achieved with minimal discomfort and no down time. Would you like to have fuller lips? Do you wish to make deep lines unnoticeable? The experienced hand of our doctor will fill the needed space with the most advanced fillers available on the market.

Due to restrictions from the TGA, the actual name of the anti-wrinkle injection cannot be used here.


Full Body Pure Indulgence Sessions

30 min – includes at least 30 min massage time $65
45 min – includes at least 45 min massage time $95

Dry Skin Brushing

includes at least 15-20 min brushing, 5-10min massage time $45

Baby Massage

includes at least 15-20 min $25


We only use natural ingredients of the finest quality to prepare products for all pamper and massage experiences. Products contain 100% rare organic essential oil blends, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Please advise your therapist if you have any allergies to any of these ingredients. Massage services are performed at Chadstone location only.


Prices for IPL treatments may vary depending on factors such as the actual area to be covered. The initial consultation costs is $60 which would be rebated with you first treatment. It includes at least three test shots on various settings so that the most suitable parameter for your skin and hair type can be established. All prices are given here are approximate. Each client will be provided with an individualised treatment plan and a quote.

* WHERE A SERVICE IS MARKED BY AN ASTERISK: this treatment is performed by an independent specially trained medical expert. It is not listed here as part of SS services but an exclusive opportunity for referral to a highly skilled professional. It is not performed on Shines & Shimmers premises.

WARM SALT CRYSTAL ROCKS can be used during the massage treatments to aid relaxation and go a little deeper into the main muscle groups. Salt Crystal Stones are beneficial for many skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. Please be notified that if you have small wounds on your skin, it may feel a little tingly after the session. This is a normal reaction to salt properties of the rocks and will go away shortly after the end of the session.


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permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup
Look beautiful all the time without applying makeup

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