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Salt crystal lamps

Salt crystal lamps with wooden base we stock are made from salt crystal rocks formed by nature hundreds of millions of years ago and mined over 500 yards underground from the foothills of Himalayas.

Himalayan crystal salt is one of the purest unpolluted salts on our planet. Originally primeval sea water transformed into solid crystal form under enormous pressure 250 million years ago when the Earth was pristine. Therefore it contains no impurities from man made environment pollution.

- Create relaxing atmosphere of tranquillity
- Negatively charge the air you breath
- Cleansing, improving the quality of air
- Reduce fatigue and electro magnetic pollution
- Improve your concentration
- Increase your sex drive

We were able to get them cheap and are happy to pass on the savings. Prices start from silly $35 (huge saving)

Colours available: light blue, purple and natural (yellow, peach) shades.

Shapes available: natural, pyramid, drago egg, round and ice pillars. Check out the lamps in our Chadstone clinic.



Salt Lamp 1.5-2 kg natural, wood base $32 (RRP $59)
Salt Lamp 2-3 kg natural, wood base $39 (RRP $79)
Salt Lamp 3-4 kg natural, wood base $44 (RRP $89)
Salt Lamp 4-6 kg natural, wood base $52 (RRP $109)
Salt Lamp 6-8 kg natural, wood base $59 (RRP $129)

Aromatherapy Lamps

Please add $6 extra per lamp if you’d like aromatherapy lamp. All lamps come with a wooden base.

Angel Poo Kits $35 (RRP $69) (includes gorgeous thick chunks of multiple shades, electrical cord and light bulb, natural bag)

Salt Rock massage stones, Salt Rock Soap Bars and Salt Rocks candle holders/oil burners are also available. POA.

For a limited time a beautiful onyx base is available at $12 extra.

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