Simply, the most ethical hair removal treatment rooms and the highest level of experience you can find for laser hair removal and anti-aging services where the highest quality and the greatest Commitment to You are 100% guaranteed!

It's all about OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU and the UNIQUE Shines & Shimmers CONCEPT, as our wonderful clients kindly tell us.

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Benefit from the total Shines & Shimmers experience

with effective affordable hair removal treatment plans in safe, comfortable surroundings, under genuine care and harmony

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Fast, safe, effective IPL sessions

are our motto. From a smooth, silky skin to the perfect bikini line - all by the gentle hand of experienced, highly skilled (hand-picked) staff.


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Unique individualised treatment plans

are offered to all Shines & Shimmers clients. We don’t just book you in for your next visit - treatment plans are frequently revised and modified, based on what we learn about your individual hair growth cycle.

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is our quarterly letter, packed with hair removal specials as well as interesting discoveries that we make from time to time, and want to share with you. Be the first to know of any upcoming deals and VIP nights, drop us a line to get onto our mailing list (we usually send between 4 and 8 notifications per year).

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FREE Hair Removal

sessions or Charity Treatments, as some of our clients like to call them, are available each month to those in great need. These are obtainable by invitation only

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Community Events

are often sponsored by Shines & Shimmers. Our participation is not limited to 2005 FOX Fashion Parade, E-women Enterprises, Trivia Nights for Cancer Research, VECCI Women’s events, POSAA meetings for PCOS girls and other various fundraising activities. We are on the constant look out for new and exciting ways to make a difference in the lives of people in our community and we welcome your ideas.

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Call Back Service

24hr call back service & TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY plans are both part of Our COMPLETE Commitment to You and are UNIQUE to the industry. In other words, we don’t know of any other company offering these. These kind comments from our wonderful clients will probably be also of interest to you if you are looking for quality service.

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Hand Picked and Tested Skin Care range

collection of makeup, skin care and wellness products such as green coffee, slimming solution, detox foot spa awaits your attention in the Shopping Room. Some products are only distributed through Shines and Shimmers in Melbourne Australiz