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Underarm Hair Removal

Lots of men and women say that underarm hair is one of the most annoying places to have hair.

Permanent underarm hair removal is a reality today. What a dream you never have to shave or wax your armpits again.

Underarm hair, sometimes referred to as axillary hair or armpit hair is the hair of the underarm area and it drives a lot of us crazy, particularly in summer. This hair, as most of the other body hair, normally starts to appear at puberty and growth is usually complete by the end of teen age.

Interestingly, armpit hair has two theories.

  1. One is that it attracts pheromones which are chemicals that discreetly transmit the message to other humans of your sexual readiness.
  2. And the second theory is that armpit hair lessens the friction between your upper arm and body when doing laborious activities. It is said to be no longer of use to us now due to advancement in tools and technology which have decreased the need for our body to exert too much vigorous labor and assertion.

Today, in many countries, it is more common for both women and men to remove their underarm hair with permanent hair reduction methods such as laser hair removal and IPL hair removal.

So what are the most common reasons to remove underarm hair? We surveyed some of our clients in Melbourne laser clinic about their unwanted hair in the underarm region and found:

  1. Aesthetic reasons - A properly shaved clean armpit is considered more aesthetic and more sexually attractive than the hairy version.
  2. Religious reasons and personal cleanliness requirements in some cultures
  3. Professional reasons - Competitive swimmers remove all body hair, including underarm hair, to make their bodies more streamlined before taking part in races

Options to remove underarm hair

The first and most popular option for removing armpit hair is simply to shave it on a regular basis. As we all know there are several drawbacks of shaving armpits. Although shaving is effective in terms of removing all the hair that you find at the time, you’d have to put up with the inconvenience of having to do it on a regular basis. In fact many people shave their unwanted underarm hair practically on a daily basis. If you have a hectic lifestyle (like many of us do now) this might be a tricky task to fit in.

Additionally, shaving can also produce rashes and ingrown hairs, which tend to be painful and irritating, not to mention unsightly. The “5 o’clock shadow” that so many people get is another drawback of underarm shaving.

TIP: The best way to reduce shaving rashes is to shave your underarm hair every 5-7 days if you can.

Laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular these days. In fact is also getting cheaper as more people choose this method of hair removal and the technology is more affordable.

Although many assume this method of hair removal to be painful, it isn't really as bad as most people tend to think. There is some discomfort, but most people who have had it done will usually comment that it is less painful than waxing.

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